Are you from UAE or from any other country and you have a working permit in UAE? Then here I am gonna writing on Abu Dhabi airport jobs details for fresher. SO, if you are looking for jobs in Abu Dhabi international airport as an airport operations center controller, you need to read this article till the end.

Primary Location – Abu Dhabi
Work Locations – Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1 Airside
Job – Controller
Job Type – Full-time

AOCC Controllers will regularly rotate through different tasks in the AOCC

abu dhabi airport jobs

Real time resource management:

  • · Real-time management of aircraft stand allocation
    • Changes in stands due to delays, unavailability’s, rotation changes, malfunctions of Centralized Infrastructure or special requests
    • Towing requirements
  • Real-time management of Gate allocation
    • Changes in gates due to delays, unavailability’s, malfunctions of centralized Infrastructure or special requests
    • Opening and closing times of gates
    • Liaises with terminal operations coordinator for exchange of information with regard to changes in gates or special requests
  • Real-time management of check-in the counter allocation
    • Changes in check-in counters due to delays, unavailability’s, malfunctions of Centralized Infrastructure or special requests
    • Opening and closing times of check-in counters in T3 at the departure level and arrival level
  • Coordinating with Etihad and other airlines / EAS ground handler / ATC for effective management of the resources available
  • Be constantly aware of the current traffic situation, passenger loads, and handling progress.
  • Monitor and react to changes in flight timings, aircraft changes by adjusting the resource allocation in real-time.
  • Coordinate and communicate continuously with Apron Marshaller/Follow me, Dispatcher, in AOCC and ATC (especially on last-minute allocation changes and in adverse weather or capacity situations)
  • Contribute within own scope and competencies to maintain a safe operation during emergencies.

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Jobs for Resource Allocation Planning/Preparation

  • Ensure availability of latest schedules “Will fly” from Flight scheduling/Slot Management
  • Verifying and crosscheck data
  • Coordinate and advice Capacity Planning/Slot Management for approval of extra flights
  • Planning of stand, gates, check-in counters allocation on a daily basis 12/24 hour
  • Coordinating with Etihad and other airlines / EAS ground handler / ADA SMS Slot Management Section for effective management of the resources available
  • “Gating” of the typical week as seasonal forecast (winter/summer season)
  • Analyzing and optimizing of resource allocation

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Abu Dhabi Airport Jobs for Data Control/Management

  • Processing of SITA messages
  • Ensure accurate, complete, and on-time operations data entry by updating the daily flight schedule data (in FIDS or future database, use of SITA text messages) according to changes in ETA, ETD, registrations, call sign…etc.
  • Coordinating/notifying with Etihad and other Airlines / EAS ground handler, BHS, and other relevant agencies on flight changes in-flight movement or details on canceled, diverted, ad-hoc flights, or re-routed flights.
  • Conducting plausibility checks on collected and/or received data.
  • Monitor constantly FIDS for accurate data display across the airport.

Abu Dhabi Airport Jobs for Traffic Approvals

  • Granting urgent landing permissions to the scheduled aircrafts outside the office hours.
  • Granting Landing Permissions to non-scheduled aircrafts
  • Granting passenger traffic rights to the airlines by coordinating with the concerned.
  • Follow- up scheduled and non-scheduled aircraft movements, and collecting the necessary charge in case of the later.
  • Feed all approvals into the system (non-schedule) & follow up non-schedule aircrafts movement (ARR/DEP).
  • Preparing non-schedule aircraft charge payee agreement form unless previous arrangements have been made before the departure of the aircraft
  • Coordinating with the account section and replying any queries raised by them.
  • Co-coordinating with ministry of foreign affairs (aviation affairs), armed forces (military operations) Amiri flights (operations) in regards to granting diplomatic permissions to the aircraft.
  • Co-ordination with concerned authorities in case of full emergency, local stand by, and other accidents/incidents as per rules and regulations.
  • Co-ordination with airport security authorities and providing them with the necessary information when required as per rules and regulations

Abu Dhabi Airport Jobs for the Controller

Comply at all times with all company issued management systems, policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and processes including those addressing the requirements of regulators, certification bodies including and the Abu Dhabi Environment Health and Safety Management System.

  • Act according to daily operational requirements, policies, and allocation and airport performance standards.
  • Be familiar with allocation rules & restrictions and latest procedures.
  • Be familiar with hold room capacities, ongoing construction works on airside, scheduled maintenance work inside and outside the terminals that effect operational availability of infrastructure.
  • Be familiar with and operate the various current IT tools and communication systems (Resource allocation tool, FIDS, VDGS, Database systems, telephone, radio, AIMS, Ground Radar, etc.)

Qualifications for Abu Dhabi Airport Jobs

  • Full graduation of higher school (A-Level or equivalent)
  • Minimum 2 years of working experience in a comparable position
  • Basic knowledge of Airport Operation, basic airline processes, and ground handling
  • Good computer skills (MS Office, file management in windows explorer)
  • Good communication skills in English (verbally and in writing)
  • Profound knowledge of Airport Operation, basic airline processes, and ground handling
  • Basic Knowledge of ICAO Annex 14
  • Experience with any resource allocation/planning system

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