Website Dnata

Company Name – Dnata Aviation

Job Title – Customer Service Agent / Ground Staff

Job Location – Dubai, UAE

Mode of Application – Online

Job Role of Customer Service Agent / Ground Staff

Providing a consistent quality service to customers in any designated area at check-in, gates, transfer desk, special handling and all passengers in the FMU. The timely and efficient service provided must be in accordance with agreed standard operating procedures as well as safety and security standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and local airport authorities.

Job Responsibility of Customer Service Agent / Ground Staff

  • Demonstrate excellent customer service skills; Teamwork and understanding to achieve customer satisfaction. Try as part of a dedicated team to avoid complaints and earn praise. Ensure that excellent discipline and grooming standards are displayed at all times while on duty. Always follow prescribed service standards and procedures so that passengers are handled in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • All equipment used at the designated work location is in good working order and report any maintenance requirements to senior management on duty.
  • Ensure that all requests and full comments are accurately updated in DMIS and that all charge notes are generated and authorized for billing. Prepare a list of pending requests from the DMIS to analyze the advance workload profile.
  • Report any irregularities or lack of service to senior management on duty to enable service recovery and appropriate corrective action.
  • Ensure that the handling requirements of various categories of passengers (such as unaccompanied minors; young passengers; wheelchairs; elderly and special needs passengers…) are met and special services to meet any special service needs and Facilities are provided. Customer.
  • Allocated manpower (attendants; buggy operators, etc.) according to various requests received (wheelchair support; lounges) thus ensuring timely boarding of passengers and planning sufficient manpower at all times to meet service needs.
  • Ensure effective communication with passengers and senior management and update when any flight or service delays are forecast.
  • Gathering reports for passengers participating and irregularity of misplaced baggage or property; Regularly update the system and respond to passenger queries.
  • Ensure that the baggage or baggage received for the transfer is left behind, sent to the respective stations according to the airlines and security procedures.
  • Ensure that the delivery of the claimed baggage is done in accordance with the appropriate documents and airline contracts.
  • Organize left luggage shop systematically and right charges apply to all left luggage bags. The collected amount is deposited in the company’s bank account and a daily sales report is prepared on a shift basis.
  • Ensure that scheduled flights are opened/closed and edited according to the defined configuration and airline-specific requirements.
  • Ensure flight control sheets are maintained for each flight and message regarding PNL; ADL; SOM; And LDM is processed and filed.
  • Update DMIS regularly with the configuration; Booked load and actual flight load.
  • Control flights (where applicable) through various DCSs by assessing revised levels for passenger fares and no race / go shows; Acceptance of employees; Upgrading and downgrading according to airline-specific requirements.

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